Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Repurposing Theropy

Here's a fun little project I did today.
Being it's Labor Day weekend I thought I would play around with these powered creamer bottles I have been saving for different things.

I usually use them for storing extra paint or nails or what ever I can fit into them to keep dry. They work great for holding a roll of string or twine. 
Just cut off the bottom at the last rib install the roll of string, drill a hole in the top. Thread the string and it works great !

This time I used it in a different way. 
A Reflector flower.
Just cut the top off with a razor knife, BE Careful !!!! Use shears if you like and cut the pedal to the shape you like. 
Now add some self stick reflective tape and you will have a flower that glows at night when a car light hits it. 

I sprayed it with some Orange Florescent paint in the center to add some color. Now I just have to put it on a stick and set it where I want and wait for the night.
 To Much Fun Sunday.... 
Thanks for stopping by..

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  1. What a fun project Greg! I need one of these in front of my mailbox. It's already been plowed over once since we moved in last year.