Thursday, September 4, 2014

The First Post to Discover Repurposing

In The First Post to Discover Repurposing, I just wanted to discribe what I really enjoy doing and show you some examples of that things I have been repurposing. To resurrect or bring to life a new Item is very rewarding to me.
I have a hard time trowing away stuff that I think has another use. It's not a good thing some tiem as you want to keep to much stuff. The Key to being a repurposer is to know when to give up the stuff that you have collected and not for repurposing and not used in a project .
Also in this first Post of Discover Repurposing, I'm hoping to show you a great way to free up some of the things you have sitting around and are about ready to the dump. Which cost you money .

Here are a few pictures for some benches I have been make by repurposing furniture found at Garage sales in my garage and just plain taken form the dump.